Pure Power Charcoal

Mascarilla de Tejido Purificante para hombres

Detalles del producto
Descubre la Mascarilla de Tejido Purificante Pure Charcoal para hombres, potenciado con Carbón de Roble Purificante para purificar e hidratar intensamente la piel 

New anti-spot range 100% designed for men expert Discover a powerful purifying complex combining Black Charcoal, a well-known purifying agent, and refreshing Menthol, for a complete cleansing action on your skin, to help protect against the appearance of spots and blackheads. Optimal efficacy In one strike, it helps target 5 signs of male skin imperfections: Spots Blackheads Marks Oil skin Roughness Surprising texture When applying onto your face, the black gel turns into a rich white foam and leaves an amazing squeaky-clean yet comfortable effect.

Potenciado con Carbón de Roble Purificante.


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Apply a small amount of product on wet face and gently massage concentrating on forehead, nose and chin. Rinse thoroughly. Use daily for perfectly cleansed skin.
Pure Power Charcoal
Mascarilla de Tejido Purificante para hombres
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